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A Calling Greater Than Religion

New Beginnings Ministries - Ujima, 

Est. 1996

"A Multi-Cultural Spiritual Center"

2019 - Answering A Call Greater Than Religion!

"It's Not By Might, Nor By Power But by My Spirit, says the Lord."  Zech. 4:6

 2019 promises to bring us to a place we as humanity have never seen or experienced before.  In an age where instant gratification has been the norm, we have lost the basic tenets of what makes us a civilized society.
We are called beyond "human remedies" beyond religion, and gimmicks to return to the inner truth that governs our thoughts, our loves, and our behavior. 

Join New Beginnings Ministries - Ujima as the movement to answer the "Calling Beyond Religion"... Spirituality to live our lives, change our families, heal our communities and impact the world.

Welcome to New Beginnings Ministries - Ujima, the Movement

Rev. Wanda

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